Artistic Director Danielle Agami

7 dancers, 1 technical director
Los Angeles CA
Standard Theaters and Site Specific

Residency and Outreach Activities Available


Ate9 creates excellent experimental works that re-imagine the role of dance in the community, while tapping into its power to unite people across diverse social and cultural borders. Valuing the vibrance and diversity of its Los Angeles home base, the company invests in and cares about the unique qualities and potential each individual brings to the company. Embracing this philosophy, Ate9’s Founder, Dancer-Choreographer Danielle Agami guides her dancers to explore the juxtaposition between subtlety and extreme physicality so that they are able to access and express what is most honest, most human and most vulnerable within them. The physical manifestation of this process is the essence of Ate9, and what gives it its unique appeal.


"While Agami, like the Frenchman-whose-name-needs-no-mention, is a recent transplant to Los Angeles, newly relocating here after several years in Seattle, it is absolutely tremendous that she is making such hip, with-it work in L.A. here and now. And a hierarchy is forming, with excellence at the top ... welcomed. I appreciate, especially, Agami’s womanly touch. I’d couple her with filmmaker Sofia Coppola as a still-young but fully formed female artist whose strong vision comes nicely padded – like a velvet glove."
Deborah Levine, Arts Meme

"Ate9’s Danielle Agami doesn’’t need a mirror to know what she’s doing."
LA Times | Victoria Looseleaf