Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company
Artistic Director: Daniel Charon
Salt Lake City, UT

6-10 dancers

Nikolais Dance Theatre

Residency and Outreach Activities Available


Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company is in constant motion, known both nationally and internationally for commissioning works by exceptional choreographers as well as our own artistic director Daniel Charon.

Ririe-Woodbury is deeply invested in the language of contemporary dance and strives to be at the forefront thus providing audiences with a variety of choreographic styles in a single evening. The Company's repertory ranges from minimalist to multi-media dances by some of the world's best contemporary choreographers. Ririe-Woodbury as a company is committed to producing innovative, moving and compelling work that challenges our audiences' perceptions of what contemporary dance can be.

Ririe–Woodbury Dance Company sets itself apart from other companies in the following ways: In addition, Ririe-Woodbury's collaboration with the Nikolais/Louis Foundation for Dance is also committed to keep the dances of American treasure Alwin Nikolais on the stage. This multimedia master has influenced the most popular dance companies and choreographers around the world.

  • Making performances accessible for adults, families, and young audiences
  • Showcasing original works of choreography by exceptional contemporary artists
  • Serving as the only company to perform full-evening dances by Alwin Nikolais
  • Committing to serve the community through residencies and outreach programs
  • Tailoring community residencies and performances to meet the specific needs of the presenter



Featured video:
The Voice Mongolia


Tori Duhaime/Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Archives;
Crucible, Alwin Nikilais | Andrea Mohin/New York Times;
Tori Duhaime/Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Archives;
Ai Fujii Nelson/Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Archives;
Tori Duhaime/Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Archives;
Star Mark, Joanna Kotze | Stuart Ruckman/RirieWoodbury Dance Company Archives;
Tori Duhaime/Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Archives;
Storm, Daniel Charon | Stuart Ruckman/RirieWoodbury Dance Company Archives