So Now You Know

Directed and Choreographed by: Janet Roston
Storytelling Coach/Dramaturge: Diana Wyenn


So Now You Know combines the strengths of actors and dancers to tell personal stories in words and movement of individual discovery. This hybrid dance/theatre concept integrates stories and performers in a new engaging dance/theatre experience. Each performance is developed specifically with a multi-faceted community of performers. Along with working towards a final performance, our unique development process has the ultimate goal of creating a connected community within each cast that will translate to the audience, which, hopefully, in the end, makes them a part of this united community. Each performance can be developed specifically for you and your multi-faceted community of performers. Our unique development process has the ultimate goal of creating connections within each cast culminating in a performance that will touch and unite your audience as a community.


... an incredible movement-theatre piece ... Truly worth watching!
Michael Alexander, Former Executive Director, Grand Performances

Captivating, funny, surprising and invigorating, this is a special work!
Leo Garcia, Executive Director, Highways Performance Space