About Cadence Arts Network

Celebrating 29 years of service in the performing arts field, Cadence Arts Network, Inc. continues to proudly offer a variety of networking, consulting, coaching, and educational services to artists, agents, managers, presenters, and students. Cadence includes an international roster of Dance, Cirque, Music and Theater artists, and is best known for mentoring and connecting emerging and established performing artists with North American presenters.


Rachel Cohen

Rachel's proclivity and love for dance and the arts, inspired her toward a career as a dancer, choreographer and dance educator, earning two degrees from UCLA, and performing and choreographing professionally. In earlier years, she taught at UCLA, Loyola Marymount University and El Camino College.

Seeing a necessity to create national visibility for local dance companies, Rachel founded Cadence Arts Network, Inc., in 1989. Cadence now proudly includes an international roster of artists in Dance, Music and Theater.

She often lectures in universities, and serves as a consultant, mentor and mediator for members in the performing arts field. Rachel lives and works in Los Angeles and Shelter Cove, CA with her husband, composer David Karagianis and her and her canine monster, Chance.


Cadence Arts Network, Inc.
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Rachel Cohen