Waterloo, IA

Panamanian-Colombian duo:

Latin folk music
as a duo

Latin dance music
with 2-5 backup musicians

Program of only Mexican music
with 3 backup musicians

Program for symphony orchestras
with master harpist Alfredo Rolando Ortiz
and a host orchestra

Iowa Arts Council and Heartland Arts Fund Touring Rosters,and Northwest on Tour Roster

Residency and Outreach Activities Available

Part of the Artes Latinas collective, Calle Sur is a charismatic Panamanian-Colombian duo using numerous ethnic Latin American and Western instruments in its concerts to transmit to its audiences the vast cultural diversity which characterizes Latin America. Calle Sur's near-perfect blend of voices, witty stage presence, and wide-ranging musicianship flow naturally from these two well-traveled performers.

Taking in a performance of Calle Sur is having a positive jolt of energy bounce into your soul. It is, admittedly, partly visual. Edgar (East) the male vocalist from Panama, infuses his richly colored expressions with a relaxed repertoire of comic and romantic counterpoints to Karin (Stein), a freckled Colombian blonde, more diminutive-and-emotive-and-intelligent than a model. The duo are highly charged the way comic or dramatic performances radiate, like a happy ending you [wish wouldn't] end.
- The Newton Daily


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