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Part of the Artes Latinas collective, Los Llaneros offer a mix of energetic and haunting melodies of the Colombian/Venezuelan plains or "Llanos," a culturally and geographically unique and little known area of Latin America whose music evolved from the contact between nomadic Indians and Jesuit settlers begining 500 years ago. This Colombian ensemble specializes in the stunning tradition of the "Llanero" folk harp, the "cuatro," and the maracas, and complements "Llanero" music with a wide offering of songs from other regions of Colombia and Venezuela.


Soaring vocals, intricate harp melodies, and exotic percussion highlighted the performance before a large and enthusiastic audience as Los Llaneros presented a program of music from Colombia and Venezuela.
- The Waterloo Courier

The ensemble's leader, Karin Stein, was the first surprise: a tall, slender blonde who might as well have stepped out of a Swedish fashion magazine, appeared on stage and left us all with goose bumps as she sang her crystal-clear, a capella rendition of the morunful tune "Orinoco." The sounds the ensemble produced were simply mesmerizing. I have never heard a harp play such exuberant chords and syncopations, a cuatro leap with such joy and tempo, or maracas perform such an intricate dance of rhythms.
- The Cedar Rapids Gazette



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