Anaïs Nin: Unbound

Presented by Mixed eMotion Theatrix
Director/Choreographer, Janet Roston
Composer/Librettist, Cindy Shapiro

6 Dancers
1 Vocalist singing to track
2 Crew/Staff

Residency and Outreach Activities Available


"Anaïs Nin: Unbound," (formerly “Anaïs, A Dance Opera”) a full-evening's work blends movement, theater, rock concert, projections, text and dance to explore the life of Anaïs Nin and her writings about creativity, sexuality and proto-feminism. Directed/Choreographed by Janet Roston, "Anaïs" explores Nin's emergence as an important literary figure through her explosive relationship in 1930s Paris with writer Henry Miller then continues with her life in 1940's New York. Within the then-traditionally male field of literary work, Nin found her unique, uncompromising voice.

"Anaïs" has the support of the Anaïs Nin Trust and foremost Nin editor, Paul Herron. Music and lyrics, composed and written by Cindy Shapiro, blend a rock sensibility with the contemporary layering of Steve Reich for a richly textured aural experience. The show is stream-lined, no sets or complex props. "Anaïs, A Dance Opera" is presented utilizing projections, a female vocalist, as Eternal Anaïs, who sings to track and 6 dancers, portraying Nin, Miller and other characters to tell the compelling story of Anaïs Nin.

"Anaïs Nin: Unbound" has toured nationally and internationally. The production performed the month of July, 2017 in France at the Festival OFF d'Avignon. In March, 2018 it opened the International Theatre Festival of Casablanca, Morocco and was presented at La Nouvelle Eve in Paris.

Available for Residencies in Colleges, Universities, Communities: Choreography/Composition, Contemporary Dance Technique, Voice Technique, Music Composition, Storytelling in Dance and Theater, Working from a Historical Premise


Cindy Shapiro is breaking new ground with "Anaïs: A Dance Opera." The show incorporates haunting music with vocals that tell Nin's incredible story with dance in an expressive way. To tackle the vast world of Anaïs Nin in a single performance should be impossible, but in Director/Choreographer Janet Roston and Composer/Librettist Shapiro's capable hands, Nin comes to life in more ways than one.
Paul Herron, Nin Publisher

You don't have to know anything about Anais Nin at all to appreciate and get the story of her life. Music/Composer Cindy Shapiro and Director/Choreographer Janet Roston coupled with the Projection Designer Joe LaRue have teamed up to create a masterpiece of storytelling. The audience was on their feet before the performers hit the stage for their final bow.
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Recommended - Top Ten Stage Raw
Roston and Shapiro's hybrid theatrical is a smashing show.Roston's choreography is a thrilling interplay of principals and ensemble
Stage Raw

Shapiro's music is unconventional and daring, and creates a world that flows steadily through the scenes; Roston's energetic and often lyrical choreography similarly sustains the tone throughout. And the projections, by Joe LaRue, are a marvel — yet they always serve the story. Putting a whole life onstage is a nearly impossible challenge: There's so much to tell, and so little time. Anaïs takes us into an incredibly complex life, and does it more effectively — and poetically — than any theatrical biography I can recall.

Sensuous, compelling and thought provoking
Huffington Post

Elegant and unique..Employing edgy music and thoughtful compositions, complemented by Roston's dreamy, lyrical and passionate choreography, Shapiro acknowledges Nin as an important literary figure.

The Festival Off of Avignon reveals each year a special production that stands out for its immense creativity. The energy and amazing dynamics of the dancers, the gorgeous voice of the singer, the beautiful projections and the music take the audience in to a dreamlike universe. A large “Bravo” for the radiant music of Cindy Shapiro and the sparkling choreography of Janet Roston. Is is one of the strongest productions of the Festival Off 2017.
MPA Communications

I saw this production at the Avignon Festival last July '17. The story was compelling, the dance, vocals and visuals breathtaking and with theatricality combined in a new and unique way. I knew I had to bring it Casablanca. The audience response proved me right, it was the hit of the International Theatre Festival.
Noureddine Ayouch, President, La Fondation des Arts Vivants, Casablanca, Morocco