Artistic Director Danielle Agami

9 dancers, 1 technical director
Los Angeles CA
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Ate9 is one of the premier Los Angeles-based dance companies helping to establish the city as a destination for exceptional, innovative contemporary dance. Ate9 believes a more critically important place for dance starts with deep dedication to the whole experience of each individual mover and viewer sharing the space. Former Batsheva dancer and Artistic Director/Founder Danielle Agami's exceptional work embodies contemporary issues with expressive urgency in the body and mind. She is also quickly building a reputation for creating important collaborations with other artistic leaders, such as her recent collaborations with Glenn Kotche of Wilco.

The company's three focus areas - performance, training, and education - build sustainable audiences for dance by investing in ongoing performative and personal dialogues in the LA community and throughout the US. Agami's reputation as a master teacher and choreographer is due to her ability to bring out the best in each dancer she works with. Her unending dedication to the value of dance to empower individuals can be felt in each class and performance. With a deep understanding that dance is a vital art form, Ate9 educates peoples of all ages and produces intelligent, current, inspiring dance for diverse audiences.


Agami's work is stark, direct and she exposes our imperfections ... it is intelligent and intense.
Jeff Slayton,

Agami's dances are political and eye-popping, and her large-scale collaboration with percussionist-composer Glenn Kotche took the company to the next level.
Laura Bleiberg of the LA Times, May 10, 2018

Agami is a maverick force within her community of makers across discipline areas and has emerged as choreographer whose contributions are bold, vitally honest and highly compelling.
Kristy Edmunds, CAP UCLA

While Agami, like the Frenchman-whose-name-needs-no-mention, is a recent transplant to Los Angeles, newly relocating here after several years in Seattle, it is absolutely tremendous that she is making such hip, with-it work in L.A. here and now. And a hierarchy is forming, with excellence at the top ... welcomed. I appreciate, especially, Agami’s womanly touch. I’d couple her with filmmaker Sofia Coppola as a still-young but fully formed female artist whose strong vision comes nicely padded – like a velvet glove.
Deborah Levine, Arts Meme

Ate9’s Danielle Agami doesn’’t need a mirror to know what she’s doing.
LA Times | Victoria Looseleaf

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video: Teaser for ‘calling glenn’