Hip Hop Fundamentals
Executive Director - Stephen Lunger
Artistic Director - Mark Wong
Dancers: 4 - 24
Total Touring Personnel: 4 - 5

Assemblies, Residencies, Workshops and Professional Development sessions available.

Residency and Outreach Activities Available


Hip Hop Fundamentals is an award-winning team of diverse professional Breakdancers dedicated to Hip Hop Education. We are the world's only Breakdance education company combining academic and social content with the world's most dynamic dance form. As certified teaching artists, seasoned performers, and battle-tested dancers, we are passionately driven to inspire audiences and participants of all ages. We've worked with schools, community sites, cultural/social organizations, museums, educational conferences and government agencies to bring our unique method of Breaking education to youth and adults.

We believe that learning is most effective when it is fun and interactive. Dynamic breakdancing, inspiration, and education combine with lots of audience interaction for 50 minutes of fun, excitement, and learning. Explore Hip Hop's rich cultural history and how underserved inner-city youth changed the world. As our longest-running program, this show focuses on youth empowerment, diversity, creativity, and working together, embodied by Hip Hop's four principles: Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun!

All performances are appropriate for large K-12 audiences.

Awards & Certifications
2018 New Jersey Governor's Award in Arts Education
2017 Young Audiences Artists of the Year Award
Columbia Univeristy - Teaching Artist Certificate
University of The Arts - Teaching Artist Certificate


THE GUYS from Hip Hop Fundamentals don't look like the performers who used to show up at my school assemblies. They arrive in fly Kangol bucket-style hats and mock turtlenecks. On their feet, they rock Adidas Gazelle sneakers or Clyde Frazier basketball shoes, by Puma. And if I say they dance their butts off, I'm not exaggerating.
The Philadelphia Inquirer

The point was to make learning fun. And by George, they did it. Its the sort of creative education success story Philadelphia doesnt see enough of.
Philadelphia Weekly

Hip Hop Fundamentals was great! They were amazing with our kids. Made sure they were all included. Made sure they all had the chance to dance. And then ended with telling them "I know many dancers. Some are differently abled in their bodies. Some are differently abled in their minds. But if dancing is in your heart, don't let anyone tell you that you can't dance.
Caitlyn Grace

Just saw them at the free library. Very good, high energy show for the kids. Actually breaks down history of Hip hop to a level that the kids could really understand. Lots of audience participation.
Jennifer Johnson

Can honestly say after waiting 2.5 years to find opportunity to bring this group to my daughter’s school, much pressure to deliver, in my mind they delivered. Few teachers said “hit it out of the park”. As a former community organizer, lifetime social worker and professional nag for justice I was overwhelmed. Different programs for different ages but same messages was genius! What an amazing way to celebrate Dr. King’s would be 90th birthday today. Keep up the great work, you are influencing and making change one move at a time. Thank you for what you do.
Eliza Beth