Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company
Artistic Director: Daniel Charon
Salt Lake City, UT

Number of Performers: 6
Total Touring Personnel: 8-9

Contemporary Repertory Choreographer Highlights:
Yin Yue
Ann Carlson
Raja Feather Kelly
Kate Weare
Stephen Koester
Doug Varone
Daniel Charon

Nikolais Dance Theatre 2020/2021:
Mechanical Organ
Tensile Involvement
Graph (To be restaged for the first time in 25 years)

Residency and Outreach Activities: 20+ Available


Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company is in constant motion, known both nationally and internationally for commissioning and presenting works by exceptional choreographers as well as its Artistic Director, Daniel Charon.

Ririe-Woodbury is deeply invested in the diverse language of contemporary dance, providing audiences with a variety of choreographic styles in a single evening. The Company’s broad repertory ranges from minimalist to multi-media dances by some of the world’s most evocative choreographers like Doug Varone, Kate Weare, and Ann Carlson. Ririe-Woodbury is committed to producing innovative, moving, and compelling work that challenges audiences’ perceptions of what contemporary dance can be.

In addition to commissioning and presenting new work, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company serves as the repository of Nikolais Dance Theatre— performing multimedia masterworks created by Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis every 2-3 seasons.

Further, the Company loves bringing traditional and non-traditional spaces to life with invigorating and highly tailored performance, education, and outreach programming. A 20+ activity residency menu allows presenting partners the opportunity to build unique residencies that engage their communities and meet their programming objectives.

The Company achieves its overall mission by:

  • Commissioning and presenting works by choreographers of exceptional talent.
  • Annually presenting new work by choreographer-in-residence and Artistic Director, Daniel Charon.
  • Serving as the only company to perform full-evenings of Nikolais Dance Theatre.
  • Serving communities through highly tailored residencies of education and outreach that help presenting partners meet their programming goals


Tori Duhaime/Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Archives;
Crucible, Alwin Nikilais | Andrea Mohin/New York Times;
Tori Duhaime/Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Archives;
Ai Fujii Nelson/Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Archives;
Tori Duhaime/Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Archives;
Star Mark, Joanna Kotze | Stuart Ruckman/RirieWoodbury Dance Company Archives;
Tori Duhaime/Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Archives;
Storm, Daniel Charon | Stuart Ruckman/RirieWoodbury Dance Company Archives




Featured videos:
The Voice Mongolia
Double Take