Under the musical and artistic direction of
Maestro Romulo Larrea
Montreal, QC

5-7 musicians
4-6 dancers
Verónica Larc, vocals
Pierre Lavoie, lighting design

Current Shows:

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The Ensemble tirelessly explores the pulsating Tango world and has distinguished itself as an outstanding ambassador of the genre in international cultural circles. The Ensemble's concert concepts and recordings, which form the Un siglo de Tango collection, are recognized internationally. The Ensemble interprets a rich repertoire and prolongs the tradition of the Buenos Aires tango orchestras, in Québec, in Canada and abroad. Integrating music, dance and song, Larrea always brings to light a challenging repertoire and offers an inspiring expérience.

Formed in 1990 by bandoneon player Romulo Larrea, the septet brings together seasoned and young musicians, residents of Quebec. They are graduated from different institutions and completed several courses out of the country with renowned masters in their respective disciplines. These master classes together with the work accomplished under the direction of Maestro Romulo Larrea has led to a dedication and discipline that have allowed the Ensemble to develop a unique approach to the genre, which has become a benchmark for aficionados, both novices and experts alike.


Sensual Spanish Accent Arrives by Way of Quebec
... Led by Mr. Larrea on bandoneón, the musicians consistently played up the wit and teased out the more ambiguous elements of their material, with the singer Verónica Larc joining them every few songs for an extra infusion of earthy sensuality. The musicians' feeling and respect was woven into every note, while the pianist Louise-Andrée Baril was a particularly delightful presence.

... The dancing, meanwhile, built much of its erotic charge through restraint. This is, after all, an art in which two steps forward and one step back isn't progress but foreplay. The most severe and fiery of the three couples were Leah Barsky and Carlos Cañedo. (Who knew the man could smile till the final curtain call?) Their legs sliced wickedly through turns and kicks like whirring blades, and they maintained gorgeous control while plunging into deep, aggressive lunges.
Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times, USA

Following its dazzling debut at Town Hall with Tangos... for La Milonga, the Rómulo Larrea Tango Ensemble's follow up performance of their new show, Tango First Century, ... provided the audience with an equally enchanting evening of tango song, dance and musical mastery... female vocalist Verónica Larc's glittering voice seemed itself sufficiently shining... an onstage presence as commanding as her superbly profound voice, Larc seemed at home on the stage.... The addition of three strong, professional tango dance couples both complimented the ensemble and spoke for itself, bringing audience enthusiasm to new heights each time they glided smoothly onto the scene. In addition to their choreographic artistry, made them, along with the entire performance of the Rómulo Larrea Tango Ensemble's Tango First Century, a multifaceted joy to watch.
Jennifer E. Wesnousky, ExploreDance, New York USA

A forceful, enticing tango - The Larrea ensemble delivers a sensual, gritty style to the melancholy music of the bandoneon. ...the bandoneon is wielded by Larrea with unusual, invigorating rhythmic force. "Tangos ... for La Milonga" program speaks eloquently of tango as a distinctive and often profound expressive realm. Larc... is fearless, venturing a daunting array of tango classics... the dancers adroitly summarize the range of tango style, from intense... to flamboyant.
Lewis Segal, Staff writer Los Angeles Times, California, USA

Reconnu par tous les acteurs cruciaux de la planète tango qu’il ratisse sans relâche, admis au sein de l’Académie Nationale du genre (...). Dirigé par un perfectionniste hors du commun, l’Ensemble Romulo Larrea a atteint un très haut niveau de jeu...
Alain Brunet, La Presse, Montréal

Argentina tango enchants local dance enthusiasts.
... Six talented string ensemble musicians, with Larrea playing the bandoneon, provide the sensual music for the fiery dances performed by the three couples. They were mesmerizing as they danced with highly stylized, graceful movements and intricate steps performed to the spicy rhythms...
Verda Mackay - The Buzz, Chico, California, USA

Tango milonguero, cálido y sensual... Productor y director de la compañia e inspirado ejecutante del bandoneón, el artista uruguayo Rómulo Larrea y el resto del elenco recibieron merecidas ovaciones en triunfal debut.
Miguel Suárez Orozco, Excélsior del Condado de Orange, California, USA

Ensemble turns tango into high art...Larc was a knockout... She sang with the warmth and feeling of an artist deeply immersed in the style and meaning of the words and music...
Wilma Salisbury, The Plain Dealer Cleveland, Ohio, USA


Tango First Century

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