Artistic Director: Amy "Catfox" Campion
Los Angeles, CA

9 Dancers- 6 male, 3 female
2 Crew/Staff- Light Tech, Sound/Video Tech
Music: Hip Hop inspired beats and melodies

Residency and Outreach Activities Available


Antics is a hip-hop dance theater company based in Los Angeles under the artistic direction of Amy “Catfox” Campion. Antics creates multimedia urban dance performances that incorporate street dance, poetry, theater, and film into provocative and daring performances. Speaking the language of Hip-Hop, Antics tells stories using the movement vocabulary of street dance styles including: bboying/bgirling, krump dance, house dance, locking, popping, waacking, and capoeira. Founded in 2007, Antics dancers represent the best in LA with extensive credits that include major films, TV shows, and music videos. Antics is committed to innovating the realm of hip-hop dance theater as well as uplifting the community through residencies, workshops, and special events.


Sneaker Suites is a performance collaboration between Antics and story architect Mark Gonzales featuring 11 dancers, live spoken word poetry, 5 short films with 3 OG Bboys (original generation Bboys) Ken Swift, Kwikstep, and Zulu Gremlin, animated paintings by Matt Sheridan, and lighting design by Michael Ricks. Sneaker Suites delves into the diverse and personal relationships that we have with one of the most highly-purchased fashion items in the world: sneakers. Through the virtuosity and hyper-physicality of street dance vocabulary, Antics confronts timely themes of poverty, violence, globalization, diversity, and family. Sneaker Suites tells the stories of sneakers: of those who make them, those who wear them, and those who dance in them.

Breaking the Cypher (BtC) explodes across the stage with a fresh and expressive vision of Hip-Hop Culture. Throughout 60 minutes of non-stop, high- energy, urban street dance, Antics delivers the richness and excitement of breaking, krump, house, locking, popping, and waacking. The “Cypher” is the dance circle where all street dance styles originated. “Breaking the Cypher” means to dance in the circle but it also means to break away from limitations and to manifest a new and vibrant style. Both intensely expressive and physically intense, Antics shines with the values of Hip-Hop Culture from originality to diversity to inclusivity. In BtC, Antics invites select local dance talent to join us on stage for featured guest appearances. BtC uses the power of street dance to uplift spirits and inspire strength and imagination through movement. Appropriate for all ages.


The thrilling group choreography… suggested solidarity in the streets, a sense that the b-boy/b-girl community itself lifts its members toward loftier horizons even as they contort their bodies upside down.
Rachel Levin, Explore Dance

The vision for ancient myths has been owned for decades by the ferocious Martha Graham ... Yet Campion, seized a piece of that sacred territory with the debut of Illuminated Manuscript.
Jean Lenihan, Los Angeles Times

The Skirball loves Antics! Without fail after every Antics performance kids are on the floor trying out what they saw in the show or eager to show off the moves they already know.
Michael Fritzen, Skirball Cultural Center

Campion is an effective and thoughtful storyteller.
Steven Woodruff, Dance Plug

Reclaiming hip hop ... by expanding the idiom's creative horizons ...
Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Times