Artistic Director: Laura Gorenstein Miller
Malibu, CA

5-7 dancers
Touring The Lotus Eaters with original score
by Grant Lee Phillips

Residency and Outreach Activities Available


Laura Gorenstein Miller's extraordinary new work, The Lotus Eaters, focuses a contemporary lens upon Homer's classic, The Odyssey.

Filled with powerful kinetic imagery embedded in the story, Odysseus and his men, characterized with forceful, linear authority, cut through space as a propulsive regiment, breaking and reassembling their collective shape with masculine vigor and clear purpose. The lotus-eaters representing the feminine, move with syrupy, languid sensuality, sinking into the masculine world like oil through water. Seduction is their goal, and they spread throughout the regiment with liquid ease until all are enveloped in a tangle of limbs, mouths and memories.

The Lotus Eaters collaborates with 10 exquisite dancers from around the world and world class artists. Music composed by famed singer-songwriter Grant-Lee Phillips. Scenery conceived and executed by artist, Alison van Pelt. Original Costumes by Rami Kashou from Bravo TV's Project Runway.


"Breathtakingly fluid, gorgeously danced and sexy as hell, Laura Gorenstein Miller's "The Quickening," an ode to child-birth and its aftereffects, is a pure, body-driven work...choreography of a high order...Miller gave birth yet again Friday night...to a dance classic."
Los Angeles Times

"Helios Dance Theater lit up California State University at Northridge's stage with the multifaceted dances choreographed by its director, Laura Gorenstein Miller. They ranged from outré humor to relational affection to otherworldly mysticism. Her choreography has an individual stamp and fits a single vision."
Dance Magazine

"Laura Gorenstein Miller, known for creating singular worlds, returns to the L.A. stage with a dreamlike journey into beauty and exoticism."
Los Angeles Times



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